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   Access these outstanding free Paint Shop PRO tutorials! Most are written for PSP9 or PSP8 ! Make your stationery and learn Animations now!

Hooty's KnT Kiss and Tell PSP-Animation-Graphic Blending classes! WoW!!

Free IncrediMail Stationery downloads created by Hooty! Get em! Use em! Enjoy them! FREE !   Small condensed format to the point tutorials that answer common questions, short quick tutorial for the PaintShopPro user.

         Games! Free to play. No adult themes! Meet Aunt Bertha!

Links to some of our favorite sites. Join Stationery groups etc!   Learn quick tips to make you smarter and more skilled for IncrediMail, Letter Creator,  Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop and more!

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  We honestly believe that our Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop courses will give you a years worth of experience and skills within 3 months of taking the lessons. Our graduated students agree!


Plenty of tips, tricks and seldom shared techniques/skills are taught that will have you soaring like an eagle above the heads of the majority of the creators that have not taken our courses. Not bragging.. just the facts !


Learning PSP can be a major undertaking. Improving your skills and learning techniques can be overwhelming if you are new. WE guide you in basic steps in a logical sequence that enables you to learn quickly!


  Our instructors are advanced creators/authors who have years of skills helping beginners as well as intermediate students learn in a friendly manner.

There is a big difference between lessons and tutorials. We use a lot of explanations and share experienced thought processes of why you do the steps so you are not following blindly the way that just doing tutorials have you do.

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